How a Performance Review and Clifton Strengths Changed My Life.

By January 16, 2017Business, Research
We have all been there, that time of year when it comes time to review and be reviewed - performance review time. For some, it is one of a few occasions throughout the year that we actually get to have a meaningful conversation with our directs and indeed our boss. It does not matter what the system or format is that we follow and whether it is taken seriously or not, the results seem to come down to the same outcome. Having committed real time to keeping records on KPI’s set at the beginning of the year and being able to substantiate our justification twelve months later, it generally comes down to one thing. The things that we achieved and did well are overlooked and a perceived weakness is highlighted. We all know what we have done well, however, the general tendency for managers or people in reporting roles is to find a weakness in our performance and focus on that, suggesting some mentoring, training or coaching. Their belief being that we would benefit from what they believe is right for us, yes, they want to make their staff all-rounder’s or more like themselves! Focusing on a weakness often results in disconnection, forming judgement and no matter how much coaching, training or mentoring we receive we will never embrace it, or in fact be great at it. Following one such annual Performance Review, I left the room knowing that I was going to be steered in the direction of more tedious mentoring for my perceived weakness. At that time I decided that there must be a way to improve the process of review and the inevitable follow-up coaching. Later that night I decided not to Google about my weakness and how to fix it, instead I searched “how do I find my strengths”. After a couple of clicks on the mouse I ended up at landed on Gallup’s Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment page. Around 40 minutes later I had a profile like none that I had seen before, and after a quick read I took a deep breath and thought to myself, ‘finally someone understands me!’. It was like this profile validated who I am and gave me a deep understanding of my natural talent. This changed my life and how I viewed myself and led to me turning my back on 35 years in the construction industry, plus the added bonus of a personal transformation. Aligning with and living my strengths on a daily basis has become second nature for me, I find it amazing how life has just clicked into place with everything aligned. According to Gallup*. “The highest level of performance come from those who focus on strengths while managing weakness”.*
  •  Only 3 in 10 workers agree that their company’s performance management system helped improved their performance*
  • 95% of managers are dissatisfied with their performance management system*
  • 1 in 5 employees strongly agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them*
  • Both employees and team leaders have lost faith in their performance management system*
Based on my experience as a leader and an employee, traditional performance reviews do not work, for the individual or for the business, the feedback sandwich is stale and there are new ways to engage personnel. As the Boomers head into retirement and the Gen X-ers’ and Millennials take on the jobs of tomorrow, we need to review the performance review process making way for flatter organisational structures and greater engagement at all levels with improved interaction and more frequent conversations.   Warwick Hood’s long and diverse business career has carried one common theme. Success. He’s a builder of businesses – a person with the confidence and vision to take his entrepreneurial ideas to the start-up stage and beyond. Warwick’s also held senior executive roles in the corporate world, where his foresight, people skills, and gift for strategy have been some of the keys to his achievements. Warwick’s business journey has taken him through the infrastructure, construction and mining industries in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Pacific. His role as CEO and founder of Momentum Performance is a reflection of everything he’s learned along the way. That, and a passion for helping people achieve their true potential.

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