Do you engage with Millennials?

By June 1, 2017Business, Coaching, Work
Suicide rates among young adults are alarming and increasing daily. The DRIVE program is a series of small groups workshops for 18-25yr old's. Specifically designed to promote High Performance Thinking and give each participant an understanding of the precursors to anxiety, depression and stuck state, in-turn providing them with the skills to create their own strategies to be more successful in life, relationships and career. Essentially getting them engaged at work. In excess of 2800 people have been through this program and based on our experience, around 45% have psychological blockages that are preventing them from living a life they desire. Essentially we unlock natural talent and remove these blockages throughout this program. The DRIVE program is a series of small group face to face workshops based around ethical NLP methodologies and techniques, Gallup's Clifton Strengths profiling and Gallup's Builder Profile Ten Traits to entrepreneurial talent. The majority of participants have found this life changing, allowing them to identify with who they are naturally and who they are not, with a focus on a future orientation and accountability. If your are interested in your Millennials participating in one of our Sydney or Melbourne workshops, PM me? Warwick’s business journey has taken him through the infrastructure, construction and mining industries in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Pacific. His role as founder of Warwick Hood Pty Ltd is a reflection of everything he’s learned along the way. That, and a passion for helping people achieve their true potential. Warwick is a Gallup certified Strengths Coach and is a Master NLP Practitioner, specialising in High Performance Thinking, Employee & Millennial Engagement.

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