A Personal Validation of StrengthsFinder.

By June 23, 2017Business, Life Skills, Research
There has been a lot of discussion regarding what is the best assessment for employees and why. Most of it justifying one over the other, siting science & research etc. and I agree, generally that it is difficult to understand what the motivations for and against and what information you can trust. So, I decided to trust myself and look at a way I could personally validate StrengthsFinder. Gallup who own StrengthsFinder state that the profile does not vary too much throughout our lifetime, and yes Gallup also state they have the science and research over forty plus years to support this. Having completed assessments in DISC, IWAM, HBD, with several Myers Briggs over the years. I found that DISC, IWAM and Myers Briggs reflected How We Are and that StrengthsFinder reflected Who We Are as StrengthsFinder measures innate Talent. In all honesty, I got more from StrengthsFinder than IWAM and the other three went into the top drawer, never to be reviewed again, as they were not utilised widely within the organisation. Perhaps here lies a problem. For me to validate StrengthsFinder in my own mind, I needed to consider my past. So, I started to mind map my life, starting at my earliest memory at around the age of two, through to about five years ago. This included a country based childhood, city living as an adult and many years overseas, during this time I had six start-ups and worked for multinationals in leadership roles. Relationships, friendships, conflict, milestone events, personal growth and behaviour, births, deaths and marriages were all included. The mind map was developed by coming and going over a four to five-week period and measured approximately 2mts x 5mts, I was surprised by both the detail and my ability to recall events that had literally been lost in my grey matter. I divided the mind map with an imaginary centreline, with below the line behaviour along the bottom and above the line behaviour at the top, on review most the map was above the line. Where I had below the line behaviour and things did not go my way or did not turn out as predicted. I was influenced not only by others, but also by circumstances at the time. Where I was happy, successful and had good fortune. I then realised that I had remained true to my innate talent, my Strengths as assessed by Gallup’s StrengthsFinder. For me, reading my StrengthsFinder assessment results was a pivotal moment in my life. I felt that finally someone understood me, an overwhelming sense of validation of who I was. Following the mind map exercise which had also validated in my own mind that this was by far the best assessment I had undergone, with far reaching practical uses for individuals, teams and relationships, and not something to put in the top draw. I very quickly turned my back on a thirty-seven-year career in the construction industry, became a Gallup Accredited StrengthsFinder Coach, started my own business and started introducing StrengthsFinder to businesses so they can too benefit from the understanding of their greatest resource, their people. It is by far the quickest way to remove toxicity and engage people, based on, not only my experience, but that of other coaches and our clients. I would encourage everyone, to do their own validation of whatever assessment tool they prefer. For my money, it is StrengnthsFinder hands down. At the time of posting this blog 16,422,678 people have discovered their strengths globally. Warwick Hood’s long and diverse business career has carried one common theme. Success. He’s a builder of businesses – a person with the confidence and vision to take his entrepreneurial ideas to the start-up stage and beyond. Warwick’s also held senior executive roles in the corporate world, where his foresight, people skills, and gift for strategy have been some of the keys to his achievements. Warwick’s business journey has taken him through the infrastructure, construction and mining industries in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Pacific. His role as Director and founder of Warwick Hood Pty Ltd reflects everything he’s learned along the way. That, and a passion for helping people achieve their true potential. Warwick is a Gallup Accredited Strengths Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and has certifications in Coaching, Time based Therapy & Hypnotherapy.

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