Leadership: Priority of Engagement

By November 2, 2017Business, Coaching, Work
I am passionate about Employee Engagement and the importance of, understanding oneself and those around you, it can change a toxic culture and increase employee engagement in a very short timeframe. Employee Engagement contributes to every KPI in any business and is fundamental to why the "Priority of Engagement" should become the number one focus in your business today. A new leader may start a new role, change middle management, enlist the support of known entities and maybe even change from a regional to a centralised business or from a centralised business to a by discipline-based business. Additionally, new systems and processes are introduced with little or no change to the bottom line. NAB Bank have been quoted as referring to the "Frozen Middle," this is more of a reflection of the performance of those above and is a great example of classic blame those below for the lack of engagement, which flows top down. There has been a substantial amount of backlash via social media towards the Leaders at NAB. Many get it, however not many understand how to increase engagement. I touched on Processes Vs People in a recent article; Results: Process Vs People, however, today I would like to focus on pure engagement of employees. Potential candidates come to an interview with a CV, and stories to tell, which generally represent all their learned skills. Values/beliefs which are influenced by key people in their life, education, training, and experience etc. They are more often employed if they are liked and broadly fit the role, rather than their skills to function. According to Gallup research, there are three common criteria to engage a new employee.
  1. They have performed well in a non-managerial role.
  2. They are a friend of the manager.
  3. They have been in the business for so long that they understand it.
All of which are not reasons to employ someone, sure they can be a contributing factor, however not the sole reason. What is missing from everyone's CV, is innate Talent. Understanding natural Talent for oneself and of those whom you employee is fundamental to building a foundation that shall affect every KPI, in any business. This talent can be measured via Gallups Strengths Center and will provide a clearer and more precise understanding of who you are and who you are not about to employ. It is also well documented why this Talent does not change throughout our lifetime. Accenture decided to measure natural talent across more than three hundred thousand employees globally, while the majority of Fortune 500 companies are allready Strengths-based. Some employ on strengths results alone and not on learned skills (CV), while others use a combination. Imagine understanding Who your people naturally are and how measuring them across four domains of talent: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking, could impact your business. Knowing and understanding Talent essentially changes the way we communicate with each other, as we all communicate and observe the world via this Talent. A primary reason why sometimes we click with some and not others. Results are imported into a Team Grid, which exposes everyone's Talent, both Strengths & Blind Spots (weaknesses). With this information available to everyone, no one can hide behind who they are and who he or she is not. Based on my experience and that of others who have been exposed to Strengths, this goes a long way in removing silos and toxicity from the workplace instantly, in turn, increasing engagement, far greater than any process, or systems change. Removal of silos and toxicity also contributes to a shift in culture, which equates to happier employees who tend to go home happy and return to work happy. Improved, productivity, quality, safety, performance, and retention all improve, which in turn equate to greater alignment with Mission/Vission and bottom line results. Employee Engagement underpins all KPI's and yes, is also key to people following systems & processes. I challenge everyone to take an assessment today, I would love to share your results. Warwick Hood is a builder of businesses – a person with the confidence and vision to take his entrepreneurial ideas and transform businesses, by removing toxicity and improving culture and employee engagement, his foresight, people skills, and gift for the future & strategy have been some of the keys to his achievements. Warwick’s business journey has taken him through the infrastructure, construction and mining industries in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Pacific. His role as Director and founder of Warwick Hood Pty Ltd reflects everything he’s learned along the way. That, and a passion for helping people achieve their true potential. Warwick is a Gallup Accredited Strengths Coach, Leadership & Millennial trained, Master NLP Practitioner and has certifications in Coaching, Time based Therapy & Hypnotherapy.

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