Results: Process Vs People

By November 2, 2017Business, Coaching, Research

Look after the People, and the People will take care of the Results?

The Will of the World has changed and we need to change too. The transition from Internationals to Baby Boomers, to Gen X, was reasonably smooth. With the arrival of Millennials, the way in which we managed people also had to change. Business leaders have struggled to find a way to engage the newest generation, which in some cases has Millennials as entitled and job hoppers. The expectation of Millennials has changed the way in which we need to engage our employee's. A company's purpose has replaced the focus on profit, hierarchies have made way to networking and collaboration, controlling styles of leadership have become more adaptive and detailed planning has become more experimentation, and with greater transparency, businesses are seeing the benefit in information sharing which has replaced traditional hierarchy top-down driven privacy. For years, companies that didn't meet expected results, turned to performance managing the employees. Conventional performance reviews would focus on areas of perceived weakness, in turn, employees would be, trained, mentored and/or replaced. It is well documented that focusing on an employee's weakness leads to judgment, disconnection and isolation, and all the training in the world, will only make them average at best at their perceived weakness. Lead with Strengths and manage around weaknesses. It is also well documented that around 76% of the global workforce* is a combination of disengaged or actively disengaged employees. My experience, from 280 High-Performance Thinking day-long workshops, produced these statistics. That 45% of all participants have admitted to some form of psychological blockage that prevents them from behaving normally (their own words, with workplace bullying top rated), and 12% have left worked for, sighting that they did not belong as a result of the workshop. These statistics are reasonably close to the 76% that are not engaged from the global workforce survey*. Traditional management styles would argue that if we have the systems and processes right, the people will follow them. This is far from the truth. Unless we measure engagement to understand what our employees think, and why they are disengaged then we cannot expect them to follow the processes. Employee engagement is proven, measurable and sustainable and when managed will positively improve most KPI's. Behaviour is underpinned by our values and beliefs which are gleaned from our experience and learned skills. We act in accordance with our and as a result of this we filter, distort, add, and delete information which is available to us. This drives thinking, feelings and in turn our emotion. If your employees have underlying psychological blockages or limiting beliefs, many of which are workplace derived, they will believe in their own mind they are performing well based on information available to them at the time. Alternatively, they shall blame, others and/or the systems and processes and may well become toxic. Employees typically will not follow a process and this is the underlying reason companies do not meet results and more often why there are unforeseen surprises in financial results. What is more alarming, senior managers do not pick this up either through rigorous financial reviews and/or modeling.

Based on my experience. Look after the People and the People will look after the results!

A quote from Sir Richard Branson: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to. If You Look After Your Staff, They'll Look After Your Customers. It's That Simple”. * Gallup statistics from their Survey of the Global Workforce. Warwick Hood is a builder of businesses – a person with the confidence and vision to take his entrepreneurial ideas to the start-up stage and beyond. Warwick’s also held senior executive roles in the corporate world, where his foresight, people skills, and gift for strategy have been some of the keys to his achievements. Warwick’s business journey has taken him through the infrastructure, construction and mining industries in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Pacific. His role as Director and founder of Warwick Hood Pty Ltd reflects everything he’s learned along the way. That, and a passion for helping people achieve their true potential. Warwick is a Gallup Accredited Strengths Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and has certifications in Coaching, Time based Therapy & Hypnotherapy.

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