“Everything we do is a catalyst for change!”

Warwick Hood Pty Ltd is a Sydney, Australia based consultancy that provides proven Employee Engagement solutions throughout Australasia and New Zealand. These solution have a positive impact on Culture, Engagement and most KPI’s.

What we do, is cost effective, and is not only proven globally, it is measurable and sustainable, even after we leave the building.


Our success rate according to our customers.

We target medium to large enterprises in any industry who have recognised that their current employee strategies are not providing the results as expected.

Utilising the latest employee assessment and survey tools we implement Strategies to identify natural talent across your employees and how to best manage this talent while improving on Culture, reducing toxicity and achieving forecast targets.

Underpinning both leaders & employees, our popular High Performance Thinking workshop, are proven to reduce toxicity and align people & culture very quickly. In turn creating a workforce that is psychologically connected to the same results you, and your stakeholders are. Our programs generally cost less than what you currently spend on managing your employees today.

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Above The Line

Our Associates have adopted an ethic of “Above The Line Behaviour” as it is only from higher ground that we can encourage others to make conscious change.


We are Responsible for the actions and behaviour of our people and the results we produce.


At Warwick Hood Pty Ltd we strive to ensure mutual outcomes for our clients, our Associates and our business.


It is with pride we support behaviour that promotes the wellbeing and best outcomes for both people we serve and our planet.


Providing a workplace environment where people are free to speak their mind at anytime without fear of judgment, shame and or condemnation. By allowing people the Freedom to contribute we enable engagement, trust and growth.

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About Warwick Hood:

Warwick started life as an electrician, he ran a successful contracting business servicing the Food & Beverage industry during the 80’s in Melbourne, Australia. Warwick then relocated to Vietnam and started multi services contracting business within the Power, Oil & Gas and Heavy Industry sectors. Thirteen years later on returning to Australia Warwick worked for multi nationals along the east coast of Australia.

On the back of a performance review, Warwick left the construction industry following a 37 year career. Re-creating himself while gaining a Masters of Neuro Linguistic Programming and becoming a certified Gallup Strengths Coach.

Warwick and his associates are now engaging leaders and employees across diverse industries, impacting their businesses on a short period of time.

Warwick is also Millennial and Leadership trained, understanding how engage and retain Millennials in your workplace has become mandatory for future success.

Warwick Hood has become an Authority on Employee Engagement throughout the Australasian region.

Warwick (in his spare time) also runs workshops for 16-25yr olds, providing participants with the skills to recognise the triggers behind anxiety, depression and procrastination, in turn how to develop life skills and create strategies for lifelong performance and results.

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