D.R.I.V.E. Life Program

With 8 male suicides, each day, 1:5 workers in essential services are diagnosed with PTSD and women 5 times more likely to become depressed. We decided to act and see what services we could provide in particular to younger people, the DRIVE Life program was born.

The DRIVE Life Program is a series of small group face to face workshops based positive psychology and natural talent profiling. The majority of participants have found this life changing, allowing them to identify with who they are naturally, with a focus on a future orientation, while becoming accountable for their own actions and responsible for their life going forward. Able to recognise the triggers behind anxiety, depression and procrastination, in turn how to develop life skills and create strategies for lifelong performance and results.

Those that have participated have been more successful in making career choices and becoming employed.

The Drive Life program is targeted at 16-22yr old male and females.
Specifically designed to promote High Performance Thinking and give each participant an understanding of the precursors to anxiety, depression and procrastination, in-turn providing them with the skills to create their own strategies to be more successful in life, relationships and career.

In excess of 7800 people have been through this program and based on our experience, around 46% have returned with psychological blockages or limiting beliefs that are preventing them from living a life they desire. Essentially we have unlocked natural talent and removed these blockages.