D.R.I.V.E Life Program

Two day Workshop, Ballarat & Maryborough CBD Locations:

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WHAT TO EXPECT. Why We Do It: We support the prevention of anxiety, depression and promote mental health & wellbeing. How Does It Work? Before we meet you: All participants are emailed a link to complete an online assessments: That measures the Natural Talent you were born with. You must have a valid email address. Duration 40mins online. Day 1: Around 4hrs: The assessment results are unpacked in a workshop so they make sense. The results allocate individuals into four Domains of Strength, Strategic Thinkers, Relationship Builders, Influencers, & Executors. This enables you to become more authentic and confident in understanding yourself and others. It is about you becoming you and not what others want you to become. Day 2: Around 5-7hrsHigh Performance Thinking Boot Camp. Which is based positive psychology and uses ethical NLP techniques & methodologies. This is life changing, enabling you to take control of your life, while becoming accountable for your own actions and being responsible for your life going forward. Learning to recognise the triggers behind anxiety & depression, in turn how to develop life skills and create strategies for lifelong performance and results.

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