Statistics from our High Performance Thinking workshops to date have proven that:

Of all participants have returned with some form of psychological blockage.

12% of all participants have left organisations as a realisation that they do not belong in the type of business.

This reinforces Gallup’s global survey results in which only 24% of employees are engaged at work, 60% are disengaged and 16% are actively disengaged.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Better Relationships / Communication

  • Reading Other People

  • Self leadership, ability to be eloquent or outmanoeuvre a problem in crisis

  • Changing unwanted Behaviour

  • Greater Self Belief

  • Changing fears/obstacles & unwanted or ineffective patterns of behaviour

  • Discover your true potential

  • How to develop strategies for performance

Where participants can expect to become a more resourceful person in career, life and in relationships. You can expect them to become more aligned with your mission and vision, by having a voice, contributing and becoming actively engaged within your business.

Our High Performance Thinking workshops utilise methodologies, techniques and best practice to promote positive psychology and provide employees with a mind-switch to become more accountable and responsible.

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