Are You Stuck, or Lost in Life?

"45% of participants were in Stuck State".

Parents are working longer hours to survive, kids are finding it difficult to cope and communication has stalled in many families. Isolation, anxiety, depression, bullying, drug use, and suicide are on the rise. Parents and their children are stuck.

Imagine if you and your children had the skills to recognise the issues above and take control of your life circumstances? 

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Warwick Hood

Ten years ago I was stuck in my life, marriage, and career. Following an online assessment, I decided to find what made me think the way I do and how to change my life circumstances.


The results of some personal development saw me turn my back on a 30yr construction industry career and become a coach, I downsized from a small farm to an apartment by the beach and lost 38kgs all within six months. With little or no stress, I was in control of my circumstances.

I thought if I can take control of my life, then I need to teach others to do the same. In a corporate world, more than 10,000 people have completed the DRIVE Life program. Statistics show that 45% of attendees entered the program with a psychological blockage or limiting belief that was preventing them from living the life they desired. During the program we removed these blockages and limiting beliefs, allowing greater opportunity and broader choice in life, career, and relationships.

The most common question I was asked in the corporate world. "Is this available for our kids"? 

Our DRIVE Life Program is aimed at schools, youth 16-25 years, businesses, and adults in a workshop environment.


Specifically designed to promote High-Performance Thinking and give each participant an understanding of the precursors to anxiety, depression, and stuck state, in turn providing them with the skills to create their own strategies to be more successful in life, relationships, and career. In business, this represents a significant change in culture.

Warwick is accredited as an NLP Master Practitioner | Gallup Clifton Strengths Coach | Gallup Trained: Leadership, Millennials, Builder Profile | Certified Coach & Life Coach | Certified Time-Based Therapy Practitioner | Certified Hypnotherapist 


D.R.I.V.E. Life

The DRIVE Life Program is a series of small group face-to-face workshops based on positive psychology and natural talent profiling. The majority of participants have found this life-changing. Allowing them to identify with who they are naturally, with a focus on future orientation, away from the past. 


While becoming accountable for their actions and responsible for their life going forward, they are more able to recognise the triggers behind anxiety, depression, and being overwhelmed, and more willing and focussed on developing life skills to create strategies for lifelong performance and results.

DRIVE Life is aimed at 16-25-year-old Youth, adults, and businesses.

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What is a Discovery Session?

A Discovery session is where we can understand your circumstances and establish if we can support you and whether you want to work with us.

Change your Mindset

As a follow-up from a Discovery session, where we work together to resolve your current MindSet to support your future state of mind.


Is a workshop, designed for schools and youth 16-25 years, businesses, and adults. Who want to change life circumstances to achieve greater results.


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