“Everything we do is a catalyst for real change.”

What we learned from 10,000 employees about Employee Engagement & Culture can help your business now.

Is your business exhibiting signs symptomatic of poor cultural and employee engagement issues? We are a leading authority on employee engagement, we can re-engage your people and transform your people while having a positive impact on culture and all KPI’s.
What we do is proven, measurable and sustainable.

Strengths Approach to Culture & Performance

Strength based strategies are proven & sustainable.

We are Engagement specialists. We increase staff engagement, retention, productivity, performance and profit, by identifying the innate natural talent of your people and turning that into strengths. Interested?

D.R.I.V.E. Life Program

Life changing workshop based learning for your Kids.

The Drive Life program is targeted at 16-22yr old male and females.
Specifically designed to promote High Performance Thinking and give each participant an understanding of the precursors to anxiety, depression and procrastination, in-turn providing them with the skills to create their own strategies to be more successful in life, relationships and career.

High Performance Thinking

Enable employees to voice their ideas.

Statistics from our High Performance Thinking workshops to date have proven that 45% of all participants have returned with some form of psychological blockage and 12% of all participants have left organisations.

Employee Engagement Surveys

If you do not messure it you can't know.

If you do not measure engagement, you can not manage your employees.
As Employee Engagement specialists we know how to survey your business across various metrics, with a specific focus on engagement.
“It’s not about asking lots of questions, it’s about asking the right ones”. Get in touch now, and learn how to reignite your workforce.

Satisfiaction rate with our service.


Warwick Hood Pty Ltd

Warwick and his associates are now engaging leaders and employees across diverse industries, impacting their businesses on a short period of time.
Warwick is also Millennial and Leadership trained, understanding how engage and retain Millennials in your workplace has become mandatory for future success.
Warwick Hood has become an Authority on Employee Engagement throughout the Australasian region.
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Of the workforce are actively engaged.

According to Gallup only 24% of the global workforce are actively engaged, psychologically committed to the outcomes of your business, less likely to leave and more likely to recommend as a preferred place of work to their friends.

Say that their pay and incentive motivate them

Only 22% of employees in a recent Gallup study say that their pay and incentive motivates them and that their performance is managed in a way that also motivates them

Have some form of psychological blockage preventing them from performing at their best

Based on our experience 45% of those people who attended our High Performance Thinking workshop returned with some form of psychological blockage preventing them from performing at their best.


Here's what others have to say about us

“Warwick is one of the most driven individuals I have ever known. He has a massive desire to make a positive impact on the individuals and organizations that he serves. His long-term relationships are built from a strong foundation of trust and transparency. Warwick is the guy you want on your team when transformations needs to take place. He listens, gets to the root cause of issues within organizations, and walks alongside his clients as positive shifts begin to take place. I would recommend Warwick to any organization looking for someone to come in and effect positive sustainable change. You will find a long-term partner in Warwick Hood, I have.”

Brent BarnacleBusiness Development Manager at Jackson Physician Search

“Warwick is a passionate advocate for performance and engagement. He has a creative and positive outlook on coaching and is great at bringing people together. He is a talented presenter with an open and inviting style of engaging his audience. Using a data driven approach, Warwick is able to take organizations through a workforce transformation to increase performance and employee engagement.”

Drew GrieveResource Manager - Australia & New Zealand

“I was recommended to Warwick Hood via a friend, I had witnessed a work place fatality which had traumatised me. Within one hour I was free of the trauma and six months on I can remember the accident but the trauma associated with the accident has long gone. So, simple, my mind is free and I am back at work.”

Bob WisemanCommercial Pilot

“Warwick is a natural coach and influencer with a hand full of successes in corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. He empowers the audience with his authentical story and experiences, he cares about the real change and knows how to deliver it on the individual as well as organisational levels. Warwick is very intuitive and can identify the real need and has a high ability to address it. It is a privilege to be touched by his visions and passion for life and people.”

Taisja LaudyFounder and CEO / GALLUP Clifton Strengths Coach / Strengths based Organisational Consultant

“This coaching opened my eyes. From gaining a better understanding of myself and how I tick inside to allowing me to operate and achieve my goals in the business world, Warwick’s training and coaching has made me happier, reduced my stress, improved my relationships with others and enabled me to be more efficient and productive all through gaining a better understanding of myself and using that to achieve my goals”

Brett NashDirector

“Meeting Warwick Hood influenced my life both personally and professionally. For me it was an eye-opening moment. It changed the way I view myself, others and the world. I no longer live my life falsified by ‘hope’ but rather in control and with a focus and desire on driving the outcome. You can’t buy this type of change and nothing even comes close. It takes technique, a willingness to be open and a desire to change. I found Warwick’s approach to be intriguing, patient and genuinely caring.
Prior to meeting Warwick, I had experienced a significant event that caused me sadness, grief and trauma. I resided to the fact that I would have to live the rest of my life with this trauma always lingering. I didn’t know what other avenues I could have possible taken and the only sanctuary I found was in the ‘hope’ that maybe one day it would go away. I no longer live with this trauma and this is no result of ‘hope’; it was because of Warwick. It was the single most powerful thing I’ve ever done and I am forever in gratitude to Warwick. ”

Jebowa La RosaHr Professional

“For a long time, I was going to seminar after seminar trying to “fix” myself, thinking something was wrong with me. I felt that my life wasn’t working and I was always focused on what I thought was “broken”. I lacked confidence in myself and my ability; I felt disempowered and was hiding from life. Warwick Hood unlocked my potential and I was in control within two sessions, work and life are as what I have always wanted.”

Phil DaviesProject Manager Telstra

“Have you ever had someone listen to you with no bias? Understood exactly how to relate to you? Given you valuable time? Well that’s Momentum Performance. Always available, they even got me through a car accident on Day 1. Sorting out my health/ injury which allowed me sit in a chair!!!! This small achievement allowed a significant shift. My partner and I could finally attend the Anthony Robins event in the USA. The event was life changing for both of us! Thank you Warwick Hood for empowering me to STOP, recap and move forward. It has now empowered US!”

Julie Sulter

“Warwick is a very friendly and approachable person, who is always happy to listen and not judge.
After undertaking one of Warwick’s sessions I immediately felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. He also goes out of his way to follow up after your session to ensure you are OK.
Not only did Warwick help me get through my traumatic past, he was always there to offer advice and encouragement. Warwick is a genuine, and trustworthy man, and I recommend any business taking on his services for their staff. I sincerely would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart Warwick for everything you have done.”

Danielle CasserEA Transdev NSW

“Warwick Hood unpacked my strengths in 2015. The results were interesting in that they indicated some innate talents that I was aware of and identified others of which I was unaware. Warwick's professionalism and guidance throughout the process was excellent.

I am fortunate to work with a manager who values strengths and has staff with a broad range of capabilities. Because of this there is more focus on utilising my abilities instead of the usual identification of weaknesses and I am allocated work that allows me to focus on my skills most of the time. This has had a positive influence on my work satisfaction, productivity and enjoyment.

Having the knowledge of my strengths and the capacity to embrace them in my professional and personal life has been beneficial. The follow up session with Warwick further consolidated my opinion that having Warwick unpack my strengths was a worthwhile exercise.”

Jenny PitkinTeacher, Aged Care and Disability, Victoria Polytechnic

““Why do it today when I can do it tomorrow”, I was the best at procrastination. Warwick Hood lead me through a series of ALB & Strengths based coaching sessions which enabled me to run the right strategies to stop procrastination. My life has changed; I manage time efficiently and more importantly I do things when required. “On Time Stress Free” My business has grown significantly and my personal life has improved tenfold.”

Bob MasseyGM Mining Solutions APAC

“Warwick is an outstanding performance coach and his ability to identify individual strengths has helped me develop my soft skills, maximize my strengths and minimize my blind spots. His coaching and mentoring has made me a better leader and given me new ways to integrate with people.”

Chris GianottiSenior Product Manager, Commercial Lending at ING DIRECT Australia

“The gallup strengths finder is a brilliant tool for assessing your strengths. Its applications are wide and practical. Having said that, for best effect this needs to be delivered by an expert. Warwick Hood is that expert, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the equation. Well worth the investment!”

Gordon YoungOwner Beyond NLP

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